Published Work

Grey, Gray Hair Bodega Magazine June 2024

Anne Delgado, Life Coach Farewell Transmission May 2024

Covered in Water Apocalypse Confidential May 2024

Pioneers hex April 2024

Seaside Condos of the Minneola Coast Bruiser February 2024

Leather Hell co-authored with Sarina Bosco (Featured in Nobody Left to Blame) Owl Canyon Press, December 2023

Orchard Gold Alien Magazine November 2023

Subtropics HAD November 2023

Mount Dora Flash Frog October 2023

Bermuda Gold Five South September 2023

Water Parks Maudlin House July 2023

1996 Country Juked June 2023

Beautiful Designs To Fit Your Wedding Theme Bullshit Lit Anthology Vol.2 July 2023

Mass HAD May 2023

Cathedral Mason Jar Press | The Jarnal May 2023

Royal Pine The Normal School April 2023

Tropical Country Pithead Chapel May 2023

Steelers Country Porridge Magazine / Void Space Zine Summer 2023

Judi Dench The Boiler April 2023

Nicole Country HAD March 2023

Bachelorette Country Taco Bell Quarterly February 2023

Mattress Country X-R-A-Y February 2023

Wine Country (Illustrated by John Shields) Connectic*nt February 2023

Carrie Underwood Paperbark January 2023

Smooth Country witch craft magazine December 2022

Quarterback Country HAD August 2022

Swamp Country Vol. 1 Brooklyn August 2022

Door Country mutiny! August 2022

Grandmother Swamp Bending Genres June 2022

Coelacanth Country Overheard May 2022

Memorial HAD, March 2022

Ski Country Tiny Molecules, December 2021, eleven

Backlight Country No Contact, October 2021 Issue 25

Space Country The Lunch Break, Issue 3, September 2021

Good Country JMWW, June 2021

Treasure Island and Western Missouri Heavy Feather Review, Volume 11

Husband Gold Nymphs, May 2021

Wine Country Daily Drunk Mag, January 2021

Soft Part of the Flamingo Shoulder King Ludd’s Rag, Malarkey Books, January 2021

Minotaur Outlook Springs, December 2020

Car Sickness The Citron Review, September 2020

Time Traveling Antique Dealer X-R-A-Y Literary Magazine, June 2020

A Gnashing Barren Magazine, May 2020

Jesus vs. The Creature from the Black Lagoon Joyland Magazine, December 2019

Hot Mountain Ghost City Review, April 2019

Paper Ocean, Paper Forest, Paper Sun Finalist in 2018 Owl Canyon Press Hackathon

Hulls SAND Journal No. 18

Frankenstein, Not Uma Thurman X-R-A-Y Literary Magazine, December 2018

Indoors Finalist in 2018 The Molotov Cocktail Flash Monster Contest

Worser OCCULUM, Issue 8

These Are My Dress Clothes The Longleaf Review

Mystic Pizza II Bridge Eight Press

When You Die in Rhode Island, You Die in Real Life FIVE:2:ONE Magazine

The Tree Sporklet, Issue 10. Spork Press

Transition Lenses / Constant Fear   formercactus: three

Hollow as Legs  Otherwhere Publishing | Buy Now

Puller  Apt.

They’ll Leave you Standing in an Old Sunburn Structo

Fossil Driver Chicago Literati

Buick LeSabre Soliloquies Anthology

Spoiling the Ceramic Eater Sediments Literary-Arts Journal

El Salvador Verbicide Magazine

500 million years  Love on the Road 2013 (Malinki Press) | Purchase on Amazon

Souvenir  Five Quarterly (Winter Issue)

Irene & the Leviathans   The Tishman Review, Issue 2.1

The Head & the Hand Press, Breadbox Chapbook Series

Purchase the chapbook at the Head and the Hand Press

Bright Orange  Noble/Gas Qtrly